Sunday, May 3, 2009


After months and months of debating what I wanted our everyday dishware to be, I finally made the big purchase today! Due to the friends and family sale at Macy's, I finally committed to buying Fiestaware. I got 12 place settings in 3 colors - ivory, cobalt blue, and peacock. I know you probably could care less what dishes I have, but I am very excited so thought I would post it.

I know my Aunt Sally is a big fan of fiestaware, and I think I first learned about it while visiting her in Cali. My mom always talks about how her aunt had these dishes as well. I look forward to a lifetime of collecting fiesta and the different colors they release in the future.

Now back to food - I currently am baking some derby pies so I will post about those later (I
know I am a day late but hopefully they will still be good).

This is a picture of the aftermath of opening 12 place setting boxes. I'm still waiting for the clean-up fairy to come.

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