About Me

Welcome to my adventures in baking and cooking! I grew up helping my mom in the kitchen but didn’t discover my passion for baking until I moved to D.C. and needed a hobby. Word to the wise…don’t take up baking as a hobby when you are trying to lose weight.

My friends all say I should open a bakery; my mom says I should use my law degree (I’m going with mom for now). When I am not brainstorming how to succeed in the legal industry, I am searching for the perfect recipes. I love reading other cooking blogs and finding how-to tutorials. I am surprising myself with my ability to make decorated cookies, cupcakes and cakes. I do not have an artistic bone in my body but I am good at copying. I guess that explains why I always preferred the trace paper art books when I was little.

Please send me your favorite recipes and websites when you get a chance. I hope you enjoy my blog!