Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! The Easter Bunny has not made an appearance at our place yet, but that's because he likes to get a bargain and buy the candy half off. :)

A few years ago my mom gave me my first pastry bag and tip set for Easter. I believe it was my first year of law school, but my memory may be slightly off. This then sparked my idea to make an Easter egg cake. I spent lots of time trying to get it perfectly egg shaped, and then proceeded to decorate it like a pretty colorful egg (it wasn't very pretty, but it was my first time). My oldest brother came over and this is when the fate of the cake set in. He was dead set on ruining my decorations by putting his finger in the frosting, so I pulled the cake away and acted like I was going to throw it on him. He then bet me $5 that I wouldn't do it, so of course the next thing I knew I was throwing my cake on him. Too bad I missed and the whole thing ended up on the floor! This cake is forever known as "floor cake" in our house, and don't worry, we did salvage some of the pieces that didn't touch the floor.

This year I am going to make a cake, but it certainly won't be a floor cake this year. Today I am going to make one of my favorite cakes...Chocolate Wet Cake. This is my go to cake for family dinners since everyone seems to enjoy it. I hope you try it sometime and love it too!

Chocolate Wet Cake

2 c sugar
2 c flour
2 sticks butter or margarine
4T Cocoa
1 c water
½ c buttermilk
2 eggs
1 t baking soda
1 t vanilla

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Grease a 13x9 baking dish
2. Combine flour and sugar in mixing bowl
3. Melt butter in the microwave
4. Stir in cocoa and water into the butter and microwave until it boils
5. Pour cocoa mixture over the flour/sugar mix and combine
6. Add eggs, buttermilk, soda, and vanilla and mix well
7. Bake for about 25 min (try not to over bake)
8. Before putting frosting on, poke the cake all over with a fork so the frosting will soak in

Chocolate Frosting

1 stick butter
3 T cocoa
6 T milk
1 t vanilla
1 16oz box powdered sugar

1. Melt butter in microwave
2. Stir in cocoa and milk and microwave until boils
3. Put the powdered sugar in mixing bowl, and then pour in the cocoa mixture and mix well
4. Add vanilla
5. The frosting should be slightly runny so that it will just pour over the cake, so if it is too thick add a little more milk
6. Pour on hot cake


  1. Were you really up at 4am posting this??

    Kris is the real beneficiary of your blog...he gets to eat everything.

  2. No...I think it posts on PST. I was up at 7:45 posting it. :)

  3. I felt like Chandler and Rachel on Friends eating that cake from the floor