Monday, April 13, 2009

Green Beans

Do you ever crave old fashioned green beans that have cooked for hours to the point of perfection? I absolutely love green beans but who has the time to let them cook all day long (plus I never have the bacon or ham to include that make the beans extra good). Well I have come up with a shortcut to making great tasting canned green beans without all the time and effort. Kris even suggested I post this because he loves these green beans and pointed out there are many people clueless on how to make green beans, other than serving the can straight up. Well here is my secret...add a little bit of sugar to your green beans and voila!

2 cans cut green beans
Spoonful of sugar

Put green beans (plus liquid) into saucepan
Add about a can and a half of water (up to 2 cans of water) and spoon of sugar
Boil green beans until liquid is gone (give it at least 20 min, but I guess you could try microwaving it for a while...some things I think are just plain better made on the stove)

**Make as many cans as you like...just make sure to add about 3/4 of a can of water for each can of beans. I have found that 2 cans are the perfect amount for Kris and I (that way I can eat lots of green beans and avoid getting seconds on other non-healthy items like macaroni and cheese).

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